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Energy Saving Software for Windows / Linux - Granola

There are any number of great ways to help save the world. Recycling, eating locally, replacing your light bulbs, walking everywhere - these are all powerful ways to lower your cost to the environment, but they all cost YOU something in return, whether time or money. Furthermore, it can be difficult to visualize the effects of your actions. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to measurably reduce your environmental impact without a lot of cost or work?

Granola gives you a way to do just that. With Granola intelligent software power management, you can reduce the energy consumption of your laptops, PCs, and servers by 15-35% without any impact on the way you use these devices. Whether you use Granola as part of your own personal quest to save the world, or as a way to help conserve in your business, you can know that you are part of a thriving community of individuals and businesses worldwide all saving energy.

Installing Granola under Ubuntu:
The easiest way to configure the MiserWare (Granola) repository is to download and run the install script, which you can get here. The command to run it is:
sudo bash ./installer.bash
The install script downloads and installs an rpm or deb containing a repository configuration suitable for your distribution,  Type the following command to install Granola:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install granola
sudo apt-get install granola-gui

After successful installation you can find Granola under: Accessories > Granola

Granola runs quietly in the background displaying energy saving information in its interface when opened. This includes the projected kWh, money and CO2 that is saved yearly if the software is used throughout the year. Examples are given on how much energy is saved.


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