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Allow Normal user to Install Software without root privileges - ZeroInstall Injector

The ZeroInstall Injector makes it easy for users to install software without needing root privileges. It takes the URL of a program and runs it (downloading it first if necessary). Any dependencies of the program are fetched in the same way. The user controls which version of the program and its dependencies to use.

Zero Install is a decentralised installation system (there is no central repository; all packages are identified by URLs), loosely-coupled (if different programs require different versions of a library then both versions are installed in parallel, without conflicts), and has an emphasis on security (all package descriptions are GPG-signed, and contain cryptographic hashes of the contents of each version). Each version of each program is stored in its own sub-directory within the Zero Install cache (nothing is installed to directories outside of the cache, such as /usr/bin) and no code from the package is run during install or uninstall. The system can automatically check for updates when software is run.

ZeroInstall Injector Installation on Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install zeroinstall-injector
After successful installation you can find ZeroInstall Injector under main Application menu and having two sub items under it Add new Program and Manage Program

Open Add new Program and add the ZeroInstall URL for the application that you wanted to install, example here is --

Click "Forward" to download and install the application

After successful installation, open up the Manage Program to open up the application installed using Manage Program.


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