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Lubuntu - Ubuntu with LXDE desktop

The Lubuntu project started in March 2009, with the purpose of creating a lighter and less resource demanding alternative to the Xubuntu operating system, using the LXDE desktop environment. The ultimate goal of this project is to join the ranks of Kubuntu and Xubuntu, and become an officially supported derivative of Ubuntu.

The developers claim that, while Xubuntu is often represented as a lightweight distro, it actually fails on running on older hardware, so they are targeting Linux their distribution at older legacy computers and devices with less than 256 MB of RAM.

While this project hasn't received too much attention until now, the LXDE project received an invitation to become a self-maintained component of Ubuntu back in February 2009, straight from the Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth.

Under the management of Mario Behling, the project received a project logo and an official Ubuntu wiki page, that includes a list of desired applications, packages and components.


Anonymous said...

Correction: This project is not managed by Mario Behling. Project leader of Lubuntu is Julien Lavergne and LXDE project is managed by PCMan.

Roezer said...

Lubuntu is not Lightweight by Any means I am using Lubuntu and Am not Happy with it at All. I have noticed that My Hard Drive is busy all the Time and I have had to Reinstall Twice because the Package Manager would no Longer work.

Carl Draper said...

I'm very happy with Lubuntu, I really noticed how lightweight it is compared with the Gnome or XFCE desktops. I'm running it on a Compaq N400C 800Mhz, 256MB RAM. And it looks great and not too minimal like fluxbox. I love it!

@Roezer do 'top' in the terminal to see what's going on. I get disk-thrashing occasionally but it's usually down to either it doing a background apt-get update or updatedb

Andrew said...

You rarely need to reinstall because your packages get screwy, you can always fix them someway or another.

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