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iScanner - Detect and Remove Malicious code from your webpages

iScanner is free open source tool lets you detect and remove malicious codes and web pages viruses from your Linux/Unix server easily and automatically.

This tool is programmed by iSecur1ty using Ruby programming language and it's released under the terms of GNU Affero General Public License 3.0.

iScanner Features:
  * Detect malicious codes in web pages. This include hidden iframe tags, javascript, vbscript, activex objects and PHP codes .
  * Extensive log shows the infected files and the malicious code.
  * Send email reports.
  * Ability to clean the infected web pages automatically.
  * Easy backup and restore system for the infected files.
  * Simple and editable signature based database.
  * Ability to update the database and the program easily from dedicated server.
  * Very flexible options and easy to use.
  * Fast scanner with good performance.

Download iScanner - here
Extract the package to some other directory - tar -zxvf iscanner.tar.gz

You don't have to install iScanner on your machine to be able to use it. The program is portable and doesn't require any external libraries, you just need to have Ruby installed on your machine then you can copy iScanner's folder to '/etc' or any other directory and use it directly from there.

Using iScanner:
-f :Use this option to select the folder you want to be scanned.
# iscanner -f /home/user
-m :With this option you can tell iScanner to send a copy of the infected log to selected email address:
# iscanner -f /home/user -m
-c :This option will remove the malicious code from the infected files with out deleting the infected files. Before using this option make sure to check the infected log to know what iScanner will remove from each infected file.
# iscanner -c infected.log
There are many more useful option, please check the iScanner help.
You can add iScanner to the cron jobs to make it scan you server every 24 hours and send the infected log to your email address.

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