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Klavaro - Typing Tutor on Linux

Klavaro is FREE and offers you an easy way to learn to type quickly and correctly on a keyboard. Every finger has its place on the keyboard with associated keys to press. Starting with only a few keys to remember you will advance through different training levels while additional keys are introduced. As a result you will be able to type quickly and accurately. This is because you no longer need to search for the keys on the keyboard and because you will definitely be using more than just two fingers.

Klavaro indicates the keys you need to press and the finger you need to use for that key on the screen. You don't have to look down on the keyboard to search for the key. You will therefore get used to looking at the screen only and hence learn touch typing much faster.

Klavaro Features:
  * Internationalization
  * Ready to use keyboard layouts
  * Basic course
  * Adaptability exercises
  * Velocity exercises
  * Fluidness exercises
  * Progress charts
  * Clean graphical interface

OpenSuSe user can install Klavaro using "1-click" installer - here
Ubuntu user can install using command: sudo apt-get install klavaro

After successful installation you can open up the Klavaro using command: Klavaro and here is the first screen that you will see ...


Anonymous said...

just wanted to thank you; I've been looking for this for a while.

Touch Typing said...

Typing tutor on Linux. Thats incredible typing tutors not only teach you how to type they also have the ability to increase your speed if used in a proper way.

touchtyping said...

Touch Typing has become an essential, even mandatory skill these days no matter what line of work anyone does

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