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Install 150+ Games on OpenSuSe using "1-Click" Installer - GameSore

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an application which would allow users to browse through games, filter them by genres or names, view the screen shots and read the information about the games? Players using Windows can already use “Games for Windows” or “Steam” from Valve, but they also have to pay for the majority of the games.

All games in repository are free and just one click away! so to bring the same thing into Linux there is a project called "GameStore" an application written in Qt that contains more than 150 titles of games and those can be installed using the convenient 1-Click-Install.

Installation of GameStore:
OpenSuse 11.0 - here
OpenSuSe 11.1 - here

After successful installation, go to terminal and type command gamestore to start the application and you should see something like ...

As you can see, GameStore is at the moment quite immature Qt application, but it is already able to load locally stored XML together with game icons, screenshots and descriptions. User can install new games (using great One Click Install feature) and launch the installed ones later


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