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Booting Linux from Internet with

The main objective is to let users boot their machines with bare minimal requirements on their side, and will handle most of the problem that user may face in booting. All that user needs is Internet connectivity and a small program (gpxe) to boot the machine. This gpxe program provides network booting facility. You can download these program from site (available at Downloads section).

Warning: Backup your important data before using USB

Make a bootable USB:
* Linux: Insert a USB disk, find it's device name of USB. Then use following command:

cat gpxe.dsk > /dev/sdX or dd if=gpxe.dsk of=/dev/sdX

where sdX is your usb drive.

* Windows:You can use dd for windows for Creating bootable USB disks.
* Mac: the dd command mentioned above for linux should also work for MAC.

Steps to follow:
* Boot from the media in which you had copied the gpxe Image.
* In case of Static networking, you need to provide information about your connection, but if you are having DHCP, it should work out of the box.
* You will be presented with menu showing available options to boot from, select one of them.
* Your system should boot in the sytem you select.
* Once you are done with it, reboot the system and remvoe the media, you should get back your old system.  


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