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Howto Get Hardware Information in Linux- lshw

lshw (HardWare LiSter) is a small tool for Linux to provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine. It can report exact memory configuration, firmware version, mainboard configuration, CPU version and speed, cache configuration, bus speed, etc.

It currently supports DMI (x86 only), OpenFirmware device tree (PowerPC only), PCI/AGP, ISA PnP (x86), CPUID (x86), IDE/ATA/ATAPI, PCMCIA (only tested on x86) and SCSI.

OpenSuSe 11.1 user can use "1-click" installer to install lshw - here

Debian packages are available for many platforms.

Ubuntu packages are available.
sudo apt-get install lshw-gtk

Fedora now includes lshw and its GUI and can be installed using following command
$ sudo yum install lshw lshw-gui

Once you have lswh installed on the system the usage is straight forth.Then running the lshw-X brings up the list of hardware that you can browse through. It is similar to checking the hardware information from Windows’ control panel.

lshw command also provides output in multiple file formats. For example, you can get the output in HTML, XML, text and a few more. For instance, to get the output in HTML, you use the -html option as follows :

# lshw -html > hardware.html


arjun alap sapkota said...

how to get information about hardware configuration through terminal in linux?
is there anyone to help me.

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