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Safely, easily remove external USB media

Ejecter is a little tool which makes it possible to unmount external devices and eject cd-roms without having to right-click on device icon either on the desktop or in nautilus. It sits in background and shows an icon in the system tray when one or more peripherals are connected to your pc: once clicked it a window appears with the list of the devices (volume name and device type, much clearer than the similar thing available on Windows) and the related eject button.

Installation: Use "1-click" installaer to install the package
OpenSuSe 11.1 - here
OpenSuSe 11.0 - here

Ubuntu user can install Ejecter from
After sucessful installation: Menu: Applications -> Accessories -> Ejecter


Linux Dedicated Server said...

Downloading ejector has helped me in times when right click does not work for me
to remove the external USB devices like the pendrive, flashdrives...

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