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Voice Control your Ubuntu desktop

Gnome-Voice-Control is a dialogue system to control the GNOME Desktop. It is developed on Google Summer of Code 2007.

The idea is to develop some features that will improve the usability in the Gnome Desktop (Ubuntu). The goal is to implement a Desktop Voice Control System. The system consists in an application that will be monitoring the audio input(microphone) and when a significant audio signal has been detected, the software catches, processes and recognizes the signal and then executes the desired action over the Gnome Desktop. In a set of actions could include maximize, minimize, close the active window; open a specific program; switching from one desktop to another; among others. GnomeVoiceControl is implemented in C in conjunction with CMU Sphinx, which is an open source tool, created to convert speech to text.

If you'd like to have a quick start, look at screencast below .

Install it from the terminal:

    sudo aptitude install gnome-voice-control

The installation and configuration is simple. To use you have to right click on a panel (the bar on the desktop) and add the applet "VoiceControl", and using this applet you can start and stop the use of voice control application.

For now the application is in its initial stage but can do everything like ...

Next Window
Minimize Window
Maximize Window
Close Window

Run Terminal
Run Text Editor
Run Mail


Anonymous said...

Dosent worklol :P

Anonymous said...

does for me

Anonymous said...

that's it? only a few commands? how can I add some more?

Nikesh Jauhari said...

Currently it supports only those commands, I don't think you can add any other commands.

Anonymous said...

stuck at calibrating

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dosent worklol :P

That's cause it's set to recognise English.

it understands edit to be edit not eggsgit and tools does not = dose hahaha

Si said...

no updates since 2007 suggests that this is a dead duck. Shame.

Gus said...

"The idea is to develop some features that will improve the usability in the Gnome Desktop (Ubuntu)."

Seriously? Nothing after that sentence warrants ANY attention from me.

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