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Windows XP like Linux - Linux XP

Linux XP is a shareware operating system that was first released by EnabledPeople. It is designed to imitate the Windows environment. It is currently owned by Trustverse and is under development. The current version's graphical interface is designed to imitate Windows Vista. By means of the use of the open-source Wine compatibility layer, Linux XP can run some Windows programs. The current stable version of Linux XP is titled Linux XP Desktop 2008. Linux XP uses the GNOME desktop environment.

Similar to MS Windows, after installation, Linux XP has to be registered within a 30-Day trial period or the OS will deactivate.

Linux XP Desktop makes your computer virus-free, stable and dependable. You'll spend less time fixing your PC and more time using a standard well-known graphical interface to get work done.

    * The most user-friendly interface ever made for Linux
    * Simple and clear installation and Windows-style setup tools
    * Full set of applications for work in the Internet.
    * Support of Microsoft Office document formats (WORD, EXCEL and others)
    * Useful tools for working with Windows networks and VPN
    * Full control of your computer, data and applications
    * Stable, dependable and without any reinstallation
    * Absolutely virus-free environment
    * Free updates through a simple but useful interface (no RPM knowledge is required)

A set of Windows-like setup tools allows you to perform system management duties in a way that is familiar to you.


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