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OpenSuse/Fedora/CentOS performance boost by using prelink

prelink is a program which modifies ELF shared libraries and ELF dynamically linked binaries, so that the time which dynamic linker needs for their relocation at startup significantly decreases and also due to fewer relocations the run-time memory consumption decreases too (especially number of unshareable pages). Such prelinking information is only used if all its dependent libraries have not changed since prelinking, otherwise programs are relocated normally.

Download prelink for OpenSuSe - here
You can also search for Fedora/CentOS prelink package (prelink-0.4.0-15.1)

Install it: # rpm -ivh prelink-0.4.0-15.1

After sucesfull installation, run the following command (you need to be root)
# prelink -avmR

This can take a long time, after completion reboot your box and feel the difference in preformance.

Then same can be applied for fedora/CentOs


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