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How to Upgrade to latest Firefox on openSUSE

In order to have the latest Firefox running on your box, you need to add a repository to your system so that whenever a new version of Firefox is released we can simply upgrade it without any pain.

1) Add the Firefox repository (goto): Yast -- Software -- Software Repositories
Repository Name (A description that is meaningful to you)
Directory on Server: /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.0/

click OK, then (optionally) Refresh Now, then Finish. Now, you can update Firefox the same way you update openSUSE

2) Installation
Now got to Yast -- Software -- Software Management and search for firefox

Click on "Accept" to start with the installation of Latest firefox release. After successful installation, check the firefox version to confirm

Now, whenever there is a new firefox release, just refresh the repository, search for firefox and upgrade it, easy


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