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Underground hacking/cracking Magazine - Phrack

You can read the latest release of the underground magazine Phrack from their website. For those among us who are not very familiar with phrack or underground magazine scene. Phrack has been around since 1985, well over 20 years, and has been the leading underground hacking/cracking ezine out there. Some notable facts about phrack (taken from wikipedia):

The Mentor’s Hacker Manifesto, which has been an inspiration to young hackers since the 1980s, was published in the 7th issue of Phrack.

Aleph One’s Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit, published in issue 49, is the “classic paper” on stack buffer overflows, partly responsible for popularizing the vulnerability.

* Several regular columns are present in most issues of Phrack, such as:
* Prophile - the presentation of a very influential character from the hacking underground.
* Loopback - answers to the most original (or stupid) emails received by the phrack staff.
* Phrack World News - a compilation of reports on the latest counter-culture events.
* International Scene - a compilation of testimonies from hackers all around the world focusing on national and international activities.

You can read more about phrack history here and here.


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