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How to run a Unix/Linux job in the background when you log off (nohup)

So you want to log off and go home for the night, but you need to run a job that's going to take a couple of hours? Fear not, the nohup command will help you out.

As a simple example, assume that you have a command named that you want to run, but you know if will take over three hours to run. Just submit the job using the nohup ("no hang up") command as shown below, and you should be good to go:

nohup &

Of course make sure you test your program to know that it is really set up properly, otherwise you'll be in for a disappointment in the morning. Other than that, if your command is set up properly, the nohup command should do the trick for you. You can safely log out, and find your results waiting for you in the morning.


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