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Linux Runlevel Descriptions


Runlevel Description

Runlevel 0

The halt runlevel - this is the runlevel at which the system shuts down. For obvious reasons it is unlikely you would want this as your default runlevel.

Runlevel 1

Single runlevel. This causes the system to start up in a single user mode under which only the root user can log in. In this mode the system does not start any networking or X windowing, X or multi-user services. This run level is ideal for system admins to perform system maintenance or repair activities.

Runlevel 2

Boots the system into a multi-user mode with text based console login capability. This runlevel does not, however, start the network.

Runlevel 3

Similar to runlevel 2 except that networking services are started. This is the most common runlevel for server based systems that do not require any kind of graphical desktop environment.

Runlevel 4

Undefined runlevel. This runlevel can be configured to provide a custom boot state.

Runlevel 5

Boots the system into a networked, multi-user state with X Window System capability. By default the graphical desktop environment will start at the end of the boot process. This is the most common run level for desktops or workstation use.

Runlevel 6

Reboots the system. Another runlevel that you are unlikely to want as your default.


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