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Run parallel OS by using VitrualBox on OpenSuse

1) Make sure kernel-source and kernel-syms packages are installed (if not, install it from your OpenSuse installation CD), you can check using following command

poison:~ # rpm -qa | grep kernel

2) Download and Install following rpm –> (OpneSuse) get it from here
poison:~ # rpm -ivh Xalan-c-1.10-10.i586.rpm
poison:~ # rpm -ivh Xerces-c-2.7.0-11.i586.rpm

3) Now download and install VirtualBox rpm –> here
poison:~ # rpm -ivh VirtualBox-1.3.8_openSUSE102-2.i586.rpm

4) Now add users to group vboxusers who are going to use the virtualbox using yast tool.

5) Setup the Networking via Host Bridging
Download :
# tar xvf uml_utilities_20040406.tar.bz2
# cd tools/
# make
# make install

Do the following setup
# tunctl -t tap0 -u tux
# ifconfig tap0 up
# brctl addbr br0
# brctl addif br0 eth0 tap0
# dhcpcd br0
# ifconfig br0 up
# ifconfig eth0

6) Start the virtualbox GUI, Applications -> System -> VirtualBox

Here you can see my OpenSuse 10.2 box is running Ubuntu in virtual Box


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