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HowTo save power in Linux by using powertop

With the Intel processor, and linux kernel 2.6.21 or newer, you may want to try out the CLI app written by Intel developers. To run powertop, simply type:
HowTo install?

1) Download the latest version of powertop from here
2) tar -zxf powertop-1.9.tar.gz
3) cd powertop-1.9
4) make
5) make install
6) sudo powertop

Powertop will tells you which module on your system uses most electrical power, and it will display some suggestions on how you can reduce the power consumption and you are provided a key to hit on your keyboard to execute the commands. Check out the image below, powertop suggested me to Enable the CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND kernel configuration option

Firefox uses most power consumption, I didn’t try on other internet browser because I rely on Firefox to do my daily updates on the web. The more plugins you install to Firefox the more power you spend, install them by care. Gnome power manager seems to spend more resources while managing your power resource. They suggest you to remove it completely. There are more to try out, at the end of the day, will you get more than 40% of power saving?


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