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Monitor Proftpd Server by Using phpftpwho

Install phpftpwho

Note :- phpftpwho must be installed on the same machine that is running Proftpd server.

Download phpftpwho from here using the following command in apache web server root document folder (/var/www)


Now you have tar.gz file you need to extract using the following command

# tar xzvf phpftpwho-1_05.tar.gz

Now you should be having phpftpwho folder in your apache root document folder(/var/www)

If you want to access your phpftpwho program you need to go to http://yourserverip/phpftpwho

Now you need to login into the ftp server and refresh your phpftpwho page you should see similar to the following screen


Alan Wade said...

I dont know that how to use and operate a command.
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