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Free White Paper - The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP Data Centers

"The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP® Data Centers"

Linux has arrived in large SAP data centers, and the SAP customer base shows significant momentum in migrating from UNIX to Linux. To explain this development, the following white paper will provide information about which customers are migrating from UNIX to Linux, in terms of size and industrial sector, and why they are migrating.

The paper will provide statistical information on the market shares of originating UNIX flavors, and information on the distribution of source and target databases. It will present a model that compares the cost of UNIX implementations with that of Linux implementations, and it will demonstrate that Linux is ready for business-critical SAP implementations. It will also show that significant savings can be realized by migrating SAP system landscapes from UNIX to Linux.

Download your free copy of White paper (The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP® Data Centers) - here


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