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Free eBook - HA Solutions for Windows, SQL, and Exchange Servers

"HA Solutions for Windows, SQL, and Exchange Servers".

How to protect your company's critical applications by minimizing risk to disasters with high availability solutions.

When total data loss is possible, the absence of a disaster recovery program can put a business at risk. Although disasters are inevitable and, to a degree, unavoidable, being prepared for them is completely within your control.

Increasingly, IT has become the focal point of many companies' disaster planning. Creating a program to preserve business continuity and recover from disaster is one of the central value propositions that an IT department can contribute to an organization.

Download you free HA Solutions for Windows, SQL, and Exchange Servers eBook - here


Anonymous said...

Great post. I am doing research on disaster recovery for a paper that I am writing. I will have to check this out, thanks for sharing!

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