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Install Spotify Client in Ubuntu 12.04

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service offering digitally restricted streaming of selected music from a range of major and independent record labels, including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal. Launched in October 2008 by Swedish startup Spotify AB

A six month free trial period is activated upon initial login with a Facebook account, where a user can listen to an unlimited amount of music supported by visual and radio-style advertising. After the trial, Spotify will have a listening limit of ten hours per month. An "Unlimited" subscription removes advertisements and time limits and a "Premium" subscription introduces extra features such as higher bitrate streaming, offline access to music and mobile app access. An active Facebook account is required to use Spotify.

Installing  Spotify Client in Ubuntu 12.04:
Add the following line into your list of repositories by editing your /etc/apt/sources.list
deb stable non-free
Type the following command to add the public key
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 94558F59
Run apt-get update
sudo apt-get update
Install spotify!
sudo apt-get install spotify-client
After successful installation you can open the Spotify client by searching "spotify" from the unity dash, login using your Facebook account and you are enjoy the music ...


Anonymous said...

Some are getting crashes on startup with the Linux Spotify client. If you encounter this, try removing the "Storage" folder of the Spotify cache, by default stored at ~/.cache/spotify/Storage. The directory in question can be found from Spotify through Edit->Preferences->Cache->Location. Make sure to check this before Spotify goes into its crashing frenzy.

Travels of Daniel said...

Now you can download mp3 songs from spotify directly via their new launched web player, Using a Firefox addon named cache viewer. I tested it and works with both free and premium accounts!
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