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E-Mail count and notifications for Ubuntu desktop - Unity Mail

Unity Mail is an E-Mail count and notifications application for Ubuntu Unity desktop, is a script that checks your mail on any IMAP4-compatible server and displays a notification bubble when you get new mail;

Unity Mail Features:
* Works with any IMAP4-compatible server
* Multiple accounts support
* Unread messages count on the Launcher
* Unity Quick-list support (GMail URLs by default)
* Messaging Menu integration
* NotifyOSD notifications

Unity Mail is written in Python and is currently in Beta development phase.

Installing Unity Mail 
Unity Mail package is available in the default available repository under Ubuntu, you can search "Unity Mail" and install it using Software Center or can install it using command:
sudo apt-get install unity-mail
After successful installation, you can open the Unity Mail application from Unity 'Dash'

Using Unity Mail
To start using Unity Mail, drag it to the Unity Launcher, right-click and select "Change accounts details".


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