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Install/Configure Music Server using DAAP - Tangerine

Tangerine is an application that allows you to publish music over the local network (streaming music server), using DAAP. It runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. There are several clients that you can then use to connect to it, such as Apple’s iTunes, Banshee, and Rhythmbox.

Music files can be specified either by a directory, or can be automatically discovered using Beagle, Google Desktop, or Spotlight. Recently you can also specify which music player you use and share the songs in it’s collection. For typical configurations, a graphical tool is included.

On the System where you have music collection located, install the DAAP server using following command
sudo apt-get install tangerine
After successful installation, you can open the  tangerine from Unity 'Dash'

Check "enable music sharing" to enable sharing.
You can change the name of the music sharing as it will appear on the network by changing the value in the "Share name".
To select music to share, you can choose one of the following possibility:
 * Find music in: select your drive and Tangerine share music player for you.
 * Select folder: You can choose a particular folder to share.

You can also limit the number of users that can connect to the tangerine server and can also specifiy the password that client needs to use to access the resources on the server

Once, all is done, from the client system using any DAAP client like Banshee or Exaile, you can connect to the DAAP server.


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