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Convert an HTML Pages or Websites to PDF in Ubuntu - HTMLDOC

HTMLDOC is a program for writing documentation in HTML and producing indexed HTML, PostScript, or PDF output (with tables of contents). It supports most HTML 3.2 and some HTML 4.0 syntax, as well as GIF, JPEG, and PNG images.

HTMLDOC can be used as a standalone application, in a batch document processing environment, or as a web-based report generation application. No restrictions are placed upon the output produced by HTMLDOC.

HTMLDOC is open source software under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License with an exception that allows for distribution of executable linked to the OpenSSL library.

Installing HTMLDOC:
Ubuntu users can install HTMLDOC using following command:
sudo apt-get install htmldoc
After successful installation, open the terminal and type the command htmldoc to open up the HTMLDOC UI interface

The HTMLDOC window shows the list of input files that will be converted. Start by clicking on the Web Page radio button to specify that you will be converting a HTML web page file or a website page, click on the "Add URL" button to provide the website URL that you wanted to convert.

Now you need to save your file(s) somewhere. The output file is where you would do that. Click on the Output tab to set the output file name, path and type.

Once all done, You can generate the document by clicking on the Generate button at the bottom of the HTMLDOC window. When the conversion is completed you can open the PDF file that is produced using Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF viewing application.


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You can also convert web pages to PDFs with this simple online tool: Give it a try.

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