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Text Based Password Manager using the Blowfish Encryption - YAPET

YAPET is a text based password manager using the Blowfish encryption algorithm to store password and associated information encrypted on disk. Its primary aim is to provide a safe way to store passwords in a file on disk while having a small footprint, and compiling and running under today's most popular Unix Systems.

YAPET does not impose a limit of password records per file and the number of files the passwords are stored in, although YAPET is only able to display password records of one file at a time. For convenience, YAPET provides a search function for password records of the currently displayed password file.

The password records are protected by a master password. The master password is used to encrypt and decrypt the password records.

YAPET relies on OpenSSL for encrypting and decrypting password records. The cipher for encryption and decryption is Blowfish with a 448 bits key.

YAPET features:
 * Blowfish encryption with 448 bits key using the OpenSSL library.
 * Passwords are not kept clear text in memory.
 * Doesn't depend on graphical user interfaces and their "dependency hell" due to a text based user interface.
 * Only dependent of two libraries: OpenSSL and curses or ncurses.
 * Locks the terminal on inactivity.
 * A utility to convert CSV files to the native YAPET format.
 * Built-in password generator.

YAPET Installation:
Download the deb file from here, doubleclick this deb file to install YAPET using Ubuntu software center, after successful installation you can lunch YAPET terminal using command: yapet

YAPET Configuration File
If the file $HOME/.yapet exists, yapet reads options provided in this file. You may specify a different configuration file by using the -r option. Options given on the command line have precedence over options given in a configuration file.

Example of an yapet configuration file
In this example, the file /home/nikesh/passwords will be loaded upon invocation of yapet. The timeout until the screen is locked is set to 300 seconds. File permissions will not be verified.
The Password Generator Dialog will have preset the Password Length to 8 characters.

Check yapet manual pages for more details related to configuration options.


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