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Replicate the Installed Application Across Different Computers - OneConf

OneConf enables you to save and replicate some data in between all your computers like the list of installed applications and some settings. The goal is to enable your to continue your work between your workstation and your netbook, for instance, without having to do any complicated manipulation.

OneConf is a mechanism for recording software information in Ubuntu One, and synchronizing with other computers as needed. In Maverick, the list of installed software is stored. This may eventually expand to include some application settings and application state.

Installing Oneconf:
Open the terminal and type following command to install oneconf:
sudo apt-get install oneconf
 Configure/Using oneconf with ubuntu one
You can activate it in software-center by clicking on File > Sync between computers
You will get the first time an ubuntu one dialog asking for your credential (OneConf is using the same credential). Then, you are directed to the "Installed view".

The first item "This computer (name)" will show the traditional Installed view from software-center. What is interesting is when you start setting up more than one computer in software-center to share your inventory. Those will show up in the view, and selecting one of them will show the difference between installed applications (and technical items) on the current computer and the remote one. Selecting the different elements enables you to install/uninstalled applications as you are traditionally able to in software-center.

Syncing is done regularly in the background as soon as you start sharing your inventory and you can see the last time the computer was synced. All data (basically the package list) on the syncing infrastructure are personals and linked to your unique sso id.


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