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How to Upgrade Ubuntu Using an Alternate ISO Image

If your computer is not able to run the standard Desktop installation CD, you can use an Alternate installation CD instead. The Alternate CD also allows more advanced installation options which are not available with the Standard LiveCD.

To upgrade Ubuntu from an ISO file, you need the Alternate version CD, NOT the regular Ubuntu Desktop CD. Alternate CD ISO image file of any release can be found here:

The alternate install CD allows you to perform certain specialist installations of Ubuntu. It provides for the following situations:
 * Setting up automated deployments;
 * Upgrading from older installations without network access;
 * LVM and/or RAID partitioning;
 * Installs on systems with less than about 256MiB of RAM (although note that low-memory systems may not be able to run a full desktop environment reasonably).

Once you have the image, mount the ISO image file directly on your Ubuntu system using the following command:
sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop PATH/TO/ISO /cdrom
That will mount the ISO image to the cdrom device interface.

Once mounted, start the upgrade process using this command:
sudo /cdrom/cdromupgrade
That will display a dialog prompting you to upgrade using that CD. Continue following the onscreen messages.

Upgrade via ISO progresses much like the network upgrade. Though, keep in mind that upgrading using packages on the image file only upgrades to the package versions in the official release, not the latest updated versions available on the Ubuntu repository.


Subin Paul said...

I have upgraded ubuntu to 12.04 precise pangolin using usb stick here is the link

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