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UI Forensic Tool for File Information - FileInfo

FileInfo is an GUI forensic tool for Ubuntu Linux written in Python, that helps you in identifying files with specific values for certain attributes in order to search and sort these files and present the results in an easily readable tabular fashion.

Using fileinfo you can access this information for many files at once without opening these files individually with a dedicated application, which can be very time consuming.

FileInfo features includes:
 * Meta Data Information
 * String ASCII and Unicode
 * Hash MD5 and SHA1
 * Malicious PDF Analyzer
 * Detect and Show PE32 Information
 * Detect and Extract Thumbnail from JPEG file

FileInfo Installation:
Download Fileinfo from here and extract the content using command:
$ tar xfz fileinfo-x.tar.gz
Then change into the newly created directory ``fileinfo`` and install `fileinfo` by running the following command::
$ bash fileinfo --install


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