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Linux Remote Support Software - Bomgar

Do you use both windows and Linux? Wish you could remote into Windows from Linux and to other Linux distributions? Well, you can. Just like when using a Remote Desktop Connection between Microsoft platforms (or remoting between Linux machines), you can bring up the desktop of the other platform. You can click around the desktop and run applications just as if you were sitting in front of the computer.

Linux has a strong foothold in the server market and an increasing number of companies and government institutions standardizing on it. If your enterprise is strong on support, then you owe it to yourself to try something more standard and secure solutions.

In this post will look at one of the mature Linux remote support software for Enterprise...

Bomgar simplifies remote support for Linux by letting technicians control remote computers desktops, backend servers, network devices, smartphones and systems in the field outside the network – all from one screen!. With Bomgar, a support staff can see what customers see or control their computers for support. Seeing the screen helps enterprise decrease on-site visits, eliminate phone support, and respond effectively to peaks in demand. Resolve more incidents in first tier on the first call with Bomgar.

The Bomgar software also provides the standard tools for remote desktop control such as file transfer, session recording, reboot and reconnect, multiple monitor support, and chat. The software uses a 256-bit AES SSL encryption.

How Bomgar Works?
Bomgar enables remote control through firewalls or in the LAN. It works on attended or unattended systems, network devices, and smart phones, below picture will give you a better idea ..

Linux Distros Supported by Bomgar:
 * Ubuntu
 * Redhat Enterprise
 * Fedora
 * SuSe

Bomgar is certified on multiple Linux distros and works on dozens more. Unlike some solutions that stop with basic support, Bomgar offers largely the same features for Linux, do check out the free trial of Bomgar - here


Anonymous said...

novell support uses this

Anonymous said...

I had a b200 a year back. I liked Bomgar but my colleague had just come over from another company and suggested ScreenConnect when we were reviewing our budget. I'm glad we made the switch because we ended up saving money and coming in under budget. We went with an unlimited license for SC which ran only ~$2700

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Linux is very interesting operating systems in the world. Linux is very hard and secure software. It's every software is special create for Linux.

it support

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