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How to add CD-ROM to the sources.list file in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

If you'd rather use your CD-ROM for installing packages or updating your system automatically with APT, you can put it in your sources.list.
Open up your terminal and type following command to add CD-ROM to your sources.list file
sudo apt-cdrom add

If your CD-ROM configuration is a little unusual, you can also use the following options:

     -h          - program help
     -d           directory - CD-ROM mount point
     -r           - Rename a recognized CD-ROM
     -m         - No mounting
     -f           - Fast mode, don't check package files
     -a          - Thorough scan mode

For example: sudo apt-cdrom -d /home/nikesh/mycdrom add

You can also identify a CD-ROM, without adding it to your list:
sudo apt-cdrom ident
Note that this program only works if your CD-ROM is properly configured in your system's /etc/fstab.


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