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Utility for creating installers. DEB - Ubucompilator

Ubucompilator is a very simply tool to compile a software by the source code and make a .deb package. Ubucompilator is designed for debian's distro derivates. Ubucompilator is the substitute in the compilation process of software of the terminal. After the software's compilation, you can create a .deb package for install the software just compiled in your ubuntu's (linux mint, debian and relative derivates). Ubucompilator is a free software released undere GNU GPL v3.

Ubucompilator Features:
 * Compile  software
 * Create .deb packages
 * Unpack the source code by the unziptool

Ubucompilator Installation:
Download the Ubucompilator deb file.
Install Ubucompilator with a double click on the icon or install ubucompilator using command:
sudo dpkg -i ubucompilator_0.1.2-1_all.deb
After successful installation you can find the Ubucompilator under Application > Others

How to compile and install the software from source code using command line - check here


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