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GNOME Theme Manager for Ubuntu Linux - Epidermis

Epidermis changes the appearance of your GNOME desktop in all its aspects in one click. Epidermis 'skins' change the appearance of your desktop wallpaper, Metacity windows border theme, your GTK+ controls theme, your icon theme, your mouse cursor theme, your GRUB bootsplash screen and your GDM login screen theme. Each of these customizations are downloaded in 'pigments' which are available from an Epidermis 'repository'.

An Epidermis skin handles the following themes, called pigments:
 * Wallpapers
 * Metacity window border themes
 * GTK widget themes
 * Icon sets
 * GNOME splash images
 * Mouse cursor themes
 * Grub bootsplash screen
 * Usplash bootsplash screen
 * GDM login screen

Download the latest version of epidermis_0.5.2-1_all.deb, double click the downloaded .deb file to install the epidermis, after successful installation you can find epidermis under Application > System Tools


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a skin disease. What do they call dark themes, "melanomas"?

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