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Ubuntu Naming Convention

Each Ubuntu release is named in two ways. The official name is the year and month combined, separated by a period. The release made in April 2010 was named 10.04, for example.

Releases also have nicknames, decided upon by Mark Shuttleworth, and humorously derived from types of animals. 8.04 has the nickname Hardy Heron. 8.10 is called Intrepid Ibex. Sometimes the animal component is dropped in formal conversation 8.04 is referred to simply as “Ubuntu Hardy”, or just “Hardy”.

Version    number Nickname    Updated until
4.10          Warty Warthog          April 2006
5.04          Hoary Hedgehog        October 2006
5.10          Breezy Badger           April 2007
6.06          LTS 1 Dapper Drake June 2009
6.10          Edgy Eft                     April 2008
7.04          Feisty Fawn               October 2008
7.10          Gutsy Gibbon            April 2009
8.04          LTS Hardy Heron     April 2011
8.10          Intrepid Ibex             April 2010
9.04         Jaunty Jackalope       October 2010


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