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KDE desktop Blogging Client - KBlogger

KBlogger is a simple to use blogging application for the K Destkop Environment. KBlogger integrates in KDE Kicker for easy and fast blogging or is available as a standalone application for KDE 4. The Interface is slick and tries to provide all features support on the server side for your convenience. Just configure your blog, load the editor and start writing.

OpenSuse user can use "1-click" installer to install KBlogger
OpenSuSe 11.1 - here

Configuration is done via the applet menu. To enter the configuration menu click on the little arrow left of the applet, then choose Configure KBlogger, the configuration dialog pops up. There you can set all needed options, in case you don't know what an option means, there are some short descriptions:

* API is the type of API you use at your blog, this can be either the Google Blogger API or the MetaWeblog API.
* URL describes the path to the xml-rpc gateway, e.g.
* Blog-id is the id of your blog on the server.


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