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Increase the booting speed of Fedora

Initng is a full replacement of the old and in many ways deprecated sysvinit tool. It is designed with speed in mind, doing as much as possible asynchronously. In other words: It will boot your unix-system much faster, and give you more control and statistics over your system.

The basic premise is that startup commands can be launched as soon as their dependencies are met. This limits the effect of bottlenecks like I/O operations; while one program is performing I/O, another can be utilizing the processor. Initng tracks the individual service dependencies in its configuration files.

It is designed to use a minimum of system resources and to boot your system quickly and safely.

Installing initng on a Fedora system
Initng is incorporated into Fedora Extras. Only thing you need to do to install initng is a simple

yum install initng

A new boot entry is automatically added to your grub configuration file, all you'll have to do is reboot and choose the new entry in the grub menu. The old configuration file is backuped as /boot/grub/grub.conf.bak.

The installation also tries to figure out what services/daemons should be enabled by default. Since this process isn't 100% fail proof I recommend you to check the files /etc/initng/default.runlevel and /etc/initng/system.virtual before rebooting.


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