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Media Streaming Server In Ubuntu Linux - GNUMP3d

GNUMP3d is a streaming server for MP3s, OGG vorbis files, movies and other media formats.

GNUMP3d designed to be:
 * Small, stable, portable, self-contained, and secure.
 * Simple to install, configure, and use.
 * Portable across different varieties of Unix, the GNU Operating System, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

GNUMP3d Requirement:
You need to have apache installed and configured for GNUMP3d to work
For Apache installation and configuration - here

GNUMP3d Installation:
Downloaded the GNUMP3d source code - here
GNUMP3d installation should require no more than the following:-
tar -zxvf gnump3d-3.0.tar.gz
cd gnump3d-3.0
make install
This will install the software in /usr/bin, with the configuration files in /etc/gnump3d/

After the successful installation you can run the Gnump3d using command
gnump3d &
The & makes the process running in the background, now open the Gnump3d web interface by pointing the web browser to http://localhost:8888

GNUMP3d Configuration:
The configuration file will certainly need to be edited prior to starting the server for the first time.

The configuration file is called 'gnump3d.conf' and should be found in  '/etc/gnump3d' under Unix-like operating systems, or 'etc\gnump3d' when running under Microsoft Windows platforms.

Before the server is available for serving music it must scan your audio files to build up a cache of song information.  This is a simple process which shouldn't take long, at any time you may update the database by manually running the installed script 'gnump3d-index', this script may also give you statistics upon your archive if you run with the '--stats' argument:
$ gnump3d-index  --stats
To keep this database up to date when you install the server it is recommended that you add a cron job to re-index your music once a day, or so.

There are other music streaming server available:


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