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Convert Between any Document Format - Unoconv

unoconv converts between any document format that OpenOffice understands. It uses OpenOffice's UNO bindings for non-interactive conversion of documents.

Supported document formats include Open Document Format (.odt), MS Word (.doc), MS Office Open/MS OOXML (.xml), Portable Document Format (.pdf), HTML, XHTML, RTF, Docbook (.xml), and more.

unoconv Features:
 * Converts between different document formats that OpenOffice understands
 * OpenOffice can export to about 100 different document formats
 * Can be used for batch processing
 * Combines with asciidoc and docbook2odf/xhtml2odt to create PDF or Word (.doc) files
 * Can apply custom style templates during conversion (to enforce corporate identity)
 * Autostarts OpenOffice for processing if necessary
 * Can be used in a client/server environment to process documents centrally
 * Can influence OpenOffice filters during import and export
 * Supports OpenOffice on Linux, Windows and MacOSX
Unoconv Installation on Ubuntu:Open up the terminal and type folloing command to install Unoconv
sudo apt-get install unoconv
Using Unoconv:
unoconv is a command line utility that can convert any file format that OpenOffice can import, to any file format that OpenOffice is capable of exporting.
Below are simple Unoconv commands to convert the document from one format to another
unoconv -f pdf some-document.odt
unoconv -f doc other-document.odt
unoconv -f jpg some-image.png
unoconv -f xsl some-spreadsheet.csv
Look at the Unoconv man pages for more details


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