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Perl Script: How to use system defined Error message

There are many Perl defined system variables that you can use in your script, one of them is "$!", When used in a numeric context, holds the current value of errno. If used in a string context, will hold the error string associated with errno.

Below is simple Perl script which prints all available system error message and their corresponding error codes.


for ($! = 1, $i = 1; $! <= 25; $!++, $i++) {
    $errormsg = $!;
    print "$i : $! \n";
Output: perl
0001: Operation not permitted
0002: No such file or directory
0003: No such process
0004: Interrupted system call
0005: Input/output error
0006: No such device or address
0007: Argument list too long
0008: Exec format error
0009: Bad file descriptor
0010: No child processes
0011: Resource temporarily unavailable
0012: Cannot allocate memory
0013: Permission denied
0014: Bad address
0015: Block device required
0016: Device or resource busy
0017: File exists
0018: Invalid cross-device link
0019: No such device
0020: Not a directory
0021: Is a directory
0022: Invalid argument
0023: Too many open files in system
0024: Too many open files
0025: Inappropriate ioctl for device

There are many more system error messages, if you want to list all of them, just increase the above loop from 25 to 1000.


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