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White Paper - Enforcing Enterprise-out Security for Cloud Servers

"Enforcing Enterprise-out Security for Cloud Servers"

Learn how to maintain a secure environment in the cloud.

Cloud-based computing models offer the promise of a highly scalable compute infrastructure without having to acquire, install and maintain any additional hardware. However, implementing this new compute model using even the most trusted service providers requires a security solution that empowers IT to maintain control over user and network access to those hosted virtual machines.

Security becomes even more important given the regulatory climate and audit pressures surrounding PCI, SOX, BASEL II and HIPAA. Centrify solves these difficult problems by providing an enterprise-out security enforcement approach that leverages existing Active Directory-based security policy enforcement and IPsec-based server and domain isolation. Together, these technologies enable rapid expansion of cloud compute capacity while still maintaining a secure environment.

Download your free white paper on "Enforcing Enterprise-out Security for Cloud Servers" - here


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