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Stock Market Observation Tool for Linux - Grism

Grism is an open source stock market observation tool. It allows you to easily track the evolution of stock prices through watch-lists, portfolios and charts.

Grism uses Yahoo! Finance for its quote data. This means that with Grism, you can observe stocks, ETFs, indices and mutual funds from every major stock market in the world. All you need is the stock's symbol that interests you.

Grism Features:
Watch-lists - Monitor the evolution of a stock's price from a starting price through the last trade.
Portfolios - See the current gain/loss calculation for a set of stocks.
Charts - View dynamic, historical price charts for monitored stocks.

Grism Installation:
first install Grism's dependencies via this command:
sudo apt-get install ruby libglade2-ruby libcairo2 libgtk2-ruby
Download the deb file for Grism from here
Once you have the .deb file on your system, use the following command to install it.
sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb-file/grism_0.9.0-1_all.deb
Grism is now available from the command line as /usr/bin/grism or from the Applications menu under 'Office'.

Using Grism is very simple, first create you own 'watchlists" and within this watchlist you can add your company by clicking on "+" and add the company symbols (refer to Yahoo! Finance) for example -- "AAPL" stands for Apple computers and "GOOG" stands for Google INC.


Anonymous said...

This is definitely interesting, I'll have to check it out and see how viable it is with the other programs I use. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to go about my dealings. I'll also have to ask my Forex broker about it and see how it measures up. Seems great though!

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