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Install Many Linux Distributions from one disk - NetbootCD

NetbootCD is a GNU/Linux live CD based on Tiny Core Linux. The live CD allows the user to download and run one of several Linux netboot installers, which can install a full GNU/Linux system with only a hard drive and Internet connection.

Several of the distributions supported by NetbootCD are prerelease distributions (such as Debian testing) or development distributions (openSUSE Factory, Fedora Rawhide, Debian sid.) Because NetbootCD downloads the latest installer, which in turn downloads the latest system components, you can install a fully up-to-date system without burning a new CD.

Supported Distributions
The following distributions are installable from the current NetbootCD:
 * Ubuntu
 * Debian GNU/Linux (standard and daily installers)
 * Fedora
 * openSUSE
 * Mandriva Linux
 * Scientific Linux
 * CentOS
 * Slackware
(note: for Slackware, you will probably need an alternative installation source, such as NFS or the hard drive)

NetbootCD also supports downloading and launching the latest versions of the GRUB4DOS bootloader and of Tiny Core Linux and its sibling Micro Core.

Download NetbootCD ISO file from here
Burn this ISO to a CD and boot your system using CD and you should see something like ...


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