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Tool to Audit Web Application Security - Lilith

LiLith is a tool written in Perl to audit web applications. This tool analyses webpages and looks for html <form> tags , which often refer to dynamic pages that might be subject to SQL injection or other flaws.

How the entire "scanning" process works is different from so called "CGI scanners", such as nikto and n-stealth.  This program will surf to a website and crawls through all the links, just as a user would to.  On any possible input field, such as text boxes, page id's, ... LiLith will attempt to inject any  characters  that might have a special meaning for any underlying technology, such as SQL. 

Any Web applications scanner can never perform a full 100% correct audit. Therefore, a manual re-check is necessary. Hence, be aware that Lilith might come up with several false positives.

Installing Lilith:
Download lilith from here, run following command to extract and make this perl script executable:
tar -zxvf lilith-06atar.gz
cd lilith
chmod +x
Using Lilith:
Since options are for fine tuning and thus mandatory, a "quick and dirty" scan can be performed by just giving the target URL as an argument. Note that the address of the site you would like to scan needs to be the last argument on the command like.  All else fails.  An example:

For more lilith option, type following command: ./


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