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Create jigsaw puzzle from pictures with Picpuz

Picpuz is an on-screen "jigsaw puzzle". You can take almost any image file and break it into many pieces which you can then reassemble using the mouse.

You can control the size of the puzzle and the number of pieces (tens to thousands). You can save an unfinished puzzle and resume it later.

You can take almost any image (jpeg, tiff, png ...) and scramble it into many pieces (tens to hundreds). You can then reassemble the picture using the mouse to move the pieces around.
Picpuz to use on Ubuntu, download and install the deb package as follows:

For Ubuntu 32-bit: picpuz-2.1.3-32.deb
For Ubuntu to 64 bit: picpuz-2.1.3-64.deb

After installation, you can find the Picpuz under Games > picpuz

Playing is very simple, do click on the parts you want to move and you click the room you want to place it. If you want to see the original image 'click on the "View" button and you will appear a small window containing the image.


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