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How to Configure clear and smooth fonts (subpixel rendering) in OpenSuSe Linux

Due to some patent issues, most of the distributions ship their free type packages with subpixel rendering option disabled and The subpixel hinting implementation in freetype2 might infringe Microsoft's Clear-type patents, which is why it is disabled both upstream (by the freetype2 authors) and in the freetype2 RPM packages that ship with openSUSE.

You can upgrade the freetype2 packages using 1-click-install - here and enable the subpixel option.

KDE Configuration:
Now go to Configure Desktop > Appearance > Fonts
enable the "Use anti-aliasing for fonts" and click on "Configure" button

Enable the checkbox "Use sub-pixel hinting"
Select "Medium" or "Full" from the Hinting style (the best settings is both a matter of taste and depending on your monitor, try the different hinting style options to see what suits you best).


Anonymous said...

How can I do the same in Lubuntu?

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