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googsystray - System Tray Notifications for various Google Services

Googsystray is a system tray app for Google Voice, GMail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, and Google Wave. It lets you keep track of the information provided by those services without having to keep a bunch of Web pages open or constantly checking them. It notifies you of new events, such as messages or alerts, and provides basic services quickly.

OpenSuSe user can install Googsystray using "1-click" installer - here

To install Googsystray in some other Linux distro, firstly make sure you have Python and pygtk installed, then download the .tar.gz archive and extract it. Open a terminal, navigate to the folder where you have extracted Googsystray, and run the following command:
sudo python ./ install
Then, go to the bin subfolder from your googsystray folder, and double click the googsystray file.
To configure Googsystray, right click it's icon on your systray and select "Preferences":

To open an unread message, left click the service icon (Gmail, etc) in your systray (notification area).


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