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How to enable audioscrobbler for xmms2

After having switched my default music player to xmms2, I needed to enable the scrobbling of my tracks to Because you have to install some packages and because there isn't a gui to configure the audioscrobbler client, I thought I would post this. You probably wouldn't be here if you didn't know xmms2 (!=xmms), but if you don't, you can read more about it here.
Installing the packages
The name of the audioscrobbler client is xmms2-scrobbler. You can get it from the repositories. Except for one, all dependencies will be taken care of by apt. The additional package we need is called libevent-loop-ruby. So we do:
sudo apt-get install xmms2-scrobbler libevent-loop-ruby
Configuring the client
The client tries to read the configuration in ~/.xmms2/ instead of ~/.config/xmms2/ where the files are located. So we make a symlink:
ln -s ~/.config/xmms2 ~/.xmms2
Next we have to create a directory where the configuration files of the scrobbler client will reside.
mkdir -p ~/.config/xmms2/clients/xmms2-scrobbler
In this new directory we have to create a file for your credentials.
nano ~/.config/xmms2/clients/xmms2-scrobbler/config
In this file we enter only the following 2 lines:

Save en exit (CTRL-x, y, ENTER)
After this we have to symlink the actual xmms2-scrobbler script to the startup directory of xmms2, so that it will start at the launch of xmms2.
ln -s /usr/bin/xmms2-scrobbler ~/.config/xmms2/startup.d/
Now restart xmms2 if it was running, or just start it if it wasn't and check your profile:
xmms2 quit
Sometimes xmms2 doesn't start and gives errors instead. This is probably because the daemon is still running. To kill the daemon do
ps aux | grep xmms2d
Then kill the xmms2d daemon
sudo kill PID_OF_XMMS2D_HERE


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