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OpenSuse Log files

Log File
Messages from the desktop applications currently running. The ~ is the home directory of the current user.
Log files from AppArmor, see Novell AppArmor Administration Guide (↑Novell AppArmor Administration Guide) for detailed information.
Log file from Audit to track any access to files, directories, or resources of your system and trace system calls.
Messages from the kernel during the boot process.
Messages from the mail system.
Ongoing messages from the kernel and system log daemon when running.
Log file from NetworkManager to collect problems with network connectivity
Directory containing Samba server and client log messages.
Hardware messages from the SaX display and KVM system.
All messages from the kernel and system log daemon assigned WARNING level or higher.
Binary file containing user login records for the current machine session. View it with last.
Various start-up and runtime logs from the X Window system. It is useful for debugging failed X start-ups.
Directory containing YaST's actions and their results.
Log file of zypper.


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