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Setup Quotas

1) Enter Single user Mode:

# init 1

2) Edit your /etc/fstab file

The /etc/fstab file lists all the partitions that need to be auto-mounted when the system boots. Edit and add “usrquota” option to the partition that you want to have quota enable

LABEL=/home       /home          ext3    defaults,usrquota  1 2

3) Remount your partition

# mount -o remount /home

4) Come out of single user mode

# Exit

5) Create quota file

The uppermost directory of the filesystem needs to have an aquota.user file (defines quotas by user) and an file (defines quotas by group), or both.

# touch /home/aquota.user

# chmod 600 /home/aquota.user

5) Initialize the user quota

# quotacheck -vagum

6) Edit the quota for a user

# edquota -u nikesh

The command will invoke the vi editor.

Disk quotas for user nikesh (uid 503):
Filesystem blocks soft hard inodes soft hard
/dev/hda3 24 0 0 7 0 0


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