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Installing Apple's Safari Browser and Itunes 7 On OpenSuSe 11 With PlayOnLinux

There is no Linux version of Safari not Itunes but, can be run under Wine. We will use a tool called PlayOnLinux to install Safari under Wine and similar Itunes 7 .

With PlayOnLinux you can install lots of Windows games and some Windows applications (such as Office 2003, IE6, MS Money, etc.) on Linux. Installing Safari on Linux is good for people such as web designers who have switched to Linux but still need to test their web sites in other browsers.

1) Download PlayOnLinux using "1-click" installer - here

2) Sart "playonlinux" from command prompt using command - playonlinux, you should see something like ...

3) Click "Forward" to install any updates for playonlinux, this will also install Microsoft fonts if not installed.

4) After sucesfull operation, you should see the main window of playonlinux.

5) Now click on  "Install" tab to open the installation windows from where you can navigate to different sections like "internet", "Games", etc ..., Navigate to "Internet" and select "Safari" and click "Apply" to install safari on OpenSuSe 11.0

6) Similarly navigate to the "multimedia" section and select "Itunes 7" for installation


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